Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chambers apologizes, but is Exodus International really closing?

According to many media outlets, Exodus International, supposedly the world’s most notorious reparative therapy advocating organization, is shutting down.

Okay. I just looked at the site and come away with no such impression.
But Huffington Post is reporting that  EI chief Alan Chambers, who himself got married to a woman but admits to gay feelings, has said that Exodus International is shutting down, story link here

Chambers has made a somewhat ambiguous apology, and will be interviewed by Anderson Cooper Friday night on AC360. He says "We're sorry", sounding like Scarlet in "Gone with the Wind".  
There will also be more about this on Oprah’s OWN network tonight, I understand.
Right now, it’s a little difficult to pin down exactly what Chambers is saying,  Bu the has reportedly admitted that his group and worldview “lost the culture war”.  

(It's "Chambers", not "Chanbers".)

Update:  June 22

Anderson Cooper has a report and video of his interview with Chambers Friday June 21 here.  AC360 will provide a full text transcript soon of the full interview.

Update: June 23

Sean Sala has a blog post reporting that Chambers's activity was a publicity stunt and that his group will resurface as "Reduce Fear".   He reports said that Chambers said "Gays are broken", link here

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