Thursday, June 13, 2013

Student kicked out of college for being lesbian forced to pay to transfer credits

Here’s a little story to recall my own William and Mary expulsion in 1961, when I lost a chemistry scholarship
A student, Danielle Powell, at Grace University in Omaha NE was kicked out in 2012 for being a lesbian, and forced to repay $6300 to have credits transferred.  The Huffington Post has a story here
News OK (from Oklahoma) had some “libertarianesque” comments, not too nice though, here.
The story sounds rather shocking, that it would happen after “don’t ask don’t tell” was repealed.
This calls to mind the practice, when I was coming of age, that some many colleges were sex specific.  And, in the 1960s,  girls dorms had curfews, but men’s did not.  (But men had to worry about the draft.)

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