Saturday, July 27, 2013

DOMA ruling: government agenices must rule on "place of celebration" rule when domicile is in "hostile" state;military goes along

In its ruling against DOMA in June, the Supreme Court did not require states to honor each other’s same-sex marriages.  That’s well known, and likely to invite individual legal challenges in the future (as has already started with Ohio and Pennsylvania). 

But the Supreme Court did not spell out clearly whether even the federal government is bound to honor a same-sex marriage according to “place of celebration” when the couple lives in a different state that does not recognize gay marriage.  The details are in a Washington Blade story by Michele Zavos, Viewpoint, p. 20, July 26, 2013, link here.

Generally, most federal agencies have said that they will honor the “place of celebration” (as opposed to “place of domicile”) rule.  Most notably the Pentagon has said that the military services will honor it. That’s a big plus for Outfront-SLDN.

The biggest question, though, is what happens with Social Security survivor benefits.

I tried Friday night at TownDC last night, and saw age ID checking work, which is a good thing.  There was a  kid who had just passed his seventeenth, not eighteenth birthday.  So he couldn’t get in.   It mattered not that he had the build of a Bryce Harper and might be able to help the Washington Nationals offense.  (That’s impressive, because biologically men can’t reach their maximum connective tissue strength, as for pitching or home-run hitting, until about age 27, so the kid has still another decade to build on).

The ride home on Metro Green and Orange lines was unusually quick, but the straight people who got on from the bars in Clarendon were rowdy and loud to an extent I’ve never seen even on New Years Eve.  It’s impossible now to get a cab around the U-Street area (I couldn’t get Red Top’s phone app to load). 

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