Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Police in Louisiana try to use invalid sodomy law; VA GOP candidate for governor tries to bring back VA "Crimes against nature" laws

Police in Baton Rouge, LA tried to use the Louisiana sodomy law to charge men arrested in a sting at a public part, recently. The Huffington Post story is here.
The Louisiana “crimes against nature” law, like Virginia’s, would have been invalidated by Lawrence v. Texas (2003).  Prosecutors dropped charges against the men.

I visited New Orleans and Baton Rouge in February 2006, a few months after Katrina.  I visited a place in Baton Rouge that I think was called The Splash. 

In Virginia, the 4th Circuit overturned a similar law, but GOP gubernatorial aspirant Ken Cuccinelli  (as attorney general) tried to get the 4rh Circuit to reconsider, saying that the law is helpful in pursung crimes against minors.  Callie Beuseman has the story on Jezebel, here.    Cuccinelli’s position on this (and on abortion) seems out of character with his “libertarian” constitutional arguments against Obamacare. 
There are some YouTube videos which may play some hyperbole with Cuccinnelli.

The attorney journal did not mention this in his book (review, Aug. 1)

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