Saturday, August 03, 2013

Arlington, Fairfax groups hold events in northern VA Friday night; Marriage in RI, MN; Putin plays "political correctness"

I attended another Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance Friday evening, held at Kora’s, in the Crystal City section of south Arlington, near Reagan National Airport.  I was quite late because of a mishap.  A cell phone, put down in your car (even a larger smartphone), can shift from motion into an invisible place.  It took me an hour to find it. Lesson learned!

Then there was a small party in Fairfax, Virginia held by Fairfax County Pride (apparently it held its main event in late June), upstairs in a club called “Fire Station 3” on University Drive (one block off 123), and near the GMU (libertarian oriented politically) campus.

I got to see how DJ’s work.  One DJ was working the mp3 mix on a laptop (I think it was Windows 7, not a Mac), whereas the other (familiar perhaps) was preparing to spin vinyl. 

At the other end of the room, the Nationals were actually winning a baseball game on TV, with Harper homering as I walked into the bar; the game had been delayed by a pitcher’s injury. 

Earlier in the day, we learned that same-sex marriages could start immediately in both Minnesota (which had defeated a constitutional ban in November, to the dismay of Michele Bachman) and Rhode Island.

Russia announced it would be “politically correct” (an odd term to come from Putin) and not enforce its anti-gay “propaganda” law, discussed here Aug. 1.  But on CNN, a debate was continuing among gay athletes.  Some said that merely going and participating made a statement.  But at least one coach, an older man from the University of Michigan and speaking near the Key Bridge in Washington, told CNN that athletes who went and stayed in the closet while there could hurt the Russian LGBT community.

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