Friday, September 13, 2013

Gay publication takes libertarian approach on regulation of tattoo parlors, salons, etc.

Mark Lee has a welcome libertarian perspective on the desire of the District of Columbia to regulate tattoo parlors and to hinder consumer choices to have them, in the Washington Blade, here.   Yes, it’s nice to see an article in this publication with a bit of a Cato Institute perspective.
That said. I still have to say that I’m personally “glad” that I don’t see an overabundance of tattoos, or other cosmetic changes (like “No-No”, etc) in the male gay community, at least not from casual visual sighting in discos or parades or beaches – even despite years of loosening of old-fashioned ideas about gender “appropriate” body image and appearance. .  I’ve always perceived tattoos as a bit disfiguring. So much for lookism. 

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