Sunday, September 01, 2013

Gay softball world series has closing night party at Town DC, with record crowds

The NAGAAA World Series moved into Town DC  (now also called "Town Danceboutique") Saturday night for the closing night party.

It seems, though, that the Washington Nationals needed another gay night.  Without “us”, well, “they” lost, 11-3, to the New York Mets, four miles or so from the bar down the Green Line.

The downstairs was packed quickly for the drag show, although the parking lot still had plenty of space at 10:45 PM.  The upstairs was opened immediately because of the crowd, and the upstairs filled quickly.

Some people had softball uniforms.  There were people who said they were from Portland, OR “Keep calm and reign on”) and from Boulder, CO (e.g., the Rockies).  I was told there were a few players who regularly reached the fences (300 feet is a long poke in slow pitch softball). 

The drag show did have the usual shirtless beauty contest on stage. "Smooth" often wins. I don’t get chosen for those.
After the show ended, both dance floors were packed.  I think it was the largest crowd I have ever een there, on a holiday weekend, when some people would have gone to Rehoboth or would be on vacation.

It did strike me as odd that the Gay World Series was held in DC the same week as the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  Perhaps it was intentional.

I don’t know what team of city won.   Twitter doesn’t say yet, and neither does the website (here )  If someone knows, please comment. 
As I noted, I played softball one year, in Dallas in 1984.  

One other note about the Nats game Tuesday.  Maybe they didn't play "Free Fish", but I do love the pregame music from the HBO "John Adams" series (by Rob Lane and Joseph Vitarelli).  Just wanted to make that note.

Town will have a "From Russia With Love" party (also called "WTF: Russia") Sunday night this holiday weekend (that was the titled of the second James Bond movie in 1962, with Sean Connery and his hairy chest).  I'm not sure that the concept is in the best taste, given the tension in Russia over gay rights and the Olympics.  The latest news is that Russia will forbid demonstration near the olympic site and will go after pro-gay speech from athletes and visitors.  Not good.  

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