Thursday, October 31, 2013

DC gay Halloween parties tamer than was High Heels; Virginia anti-marriage amendment challenged

I haven’t become delinquent in following the news. I know that there was hearing in a federal court in Harrisonburg, VA Wednesday to determine whether a lawsuit challenging Virginia’s Marshall-Newman amendment could be set up as a class action suit for all same-sex couples in Virginia.

On the “heels” of the 17th Street “High Heels Race”, the bars had their formal Halloween parties tonight (the third in a week).  I peaked in on Cobalt, but didn’t stay for the midnight costume contest because of Metro weeknight schedules. 

There was a small guy who had replaced his entire exterior with the painted spots of a cheetah.  It interesting to revere cats so much as to want to become a cat, although cats usually keep more body hair than we do.  That’s all right, a guy on the NBC Today show this morning had chest fur glued on, which will prove as destructive as having tattoos.

The rest of the costumes were less extreme than last weekend at Town.  Some were sports oriented, especially kickball (even more so at JR’s).  Some were collegiate.  You can put on the costume of a GWU graduate student, or medical student. 
Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel is in drag on ABC.  So was Billy Bush today on Access Hollywood.  Curiously, on “Days of our Lives”, Will and Sonny still look and act like men, even on Halloween. 
I wonder what the Abbey in West Hollywood will be like tonight.
Oh, by the way, pumpkins are orange.  I learned that in kindergarten.  It’s still true on the DC Metro.

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