Friday, October 11, 2013

Social conservatives, with anti-gay agenda, meet in DC while Congress fights over debt ceiling, shutdown

Some of the conservative and Tea Party Republicans involved in the government closure and obstructing the debt ceiling deal may appear at a “conservative summit” sponsored by the Family Research Council in Washington DC this weekend. It is called the "Values Voter Summit". 

The conference emphasizes social conservatism, especially anti-gay and anti-abortion values.

CNN reported on the conference this morning, and USA Today has a story (website url) here. Ted Cruz spoke there, live on CNN, this morning.
The occurrence of the conference hints at the idea that at some point in the future, social issues like gay rights could even become fodder for future shtudowns.  Back in 2004, Rick Santorum tried to disrupt the Senate with proposals for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage when the Senate was trying to focus on an anti-terrorism bill.  

One speaker reportedly claimed that Matthew Shepard's savage death in Wyoming in 1998 had been the result of a drug deal gone bad.  

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