Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Family Equality Council announces campaign to encourage same-sex couples to adopt foster children

The Family Equality Council has prepared a YouTube video about same-sex couples who adopt children, called “The Call”. There is also a campaign by “Allies for Adoption” to encourage LGBT couples to adopt foster children, to relieve a foster care crisis. The group says that there are 400,000 children in foster care in the US, among whom 100,000 are eligible for adoption and 23,000 might age out.  The press release (sent to my AOL email) says that same-sex couples who are raising children are four times as likely to have adopted children as heterosexual couples and six times as likely to have foster children.
The group says that only 6 states ban sexual-orientation discrimination in foster care, and only 19 (plus Washington DC) permit same-sex couples to adopt jointly and 13 allow second parents to join as adoptive parents.  

It’s a little hard to find a concrete link for the report on the group’s website, here. It has a flashy campaign to sign up volunteers, and seems to be a survey or petition and then asks for information.  
The picture comes from a Minneapolis bus stop, taken in 2003.   

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