Saturday, November 09, 2013

Hawaii may come full circle on gay marriage; Illinois bill to be signed Nov. 20

Back in the 1990s, the public perception was that the gay marriage “battle” had started in Hawii, where it percolated for a while, after Baehr and Dancel won a ruling from the state supreme court in 1993. Erik Eckholm has a story about the progress in Hawaii, about to reconsider legalization now, on p. A11 of the Saturday New York Times here.
Somehow, a line about “getting married” showed up in the 1965 movie  musical “Hawaii” on Michner’s novel.  Yet, early Hawaiian culture accepted some homosexuality and did not have a well developed institution of marriage.
The Hawaii case is said to have motivated the passage of DOMA in 1996. 
The Illinois gay marriage bill will be signed Nov. 20, Huffington story here

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