Sunday, December 01, 2013

Gay press aggressive in full rights for military couples; can we regress if Obmacare causes Democrats to lose it all in 2014, 2016?

Lead Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson has a front page story on the Black Friday edition of the Blade, “How goes transition to open military service? Don’t ask”, link here
The focus of the article is overwhelmingly about equal benefits for military and veteran families of same-sex couples.  There are problems with some states’ national guard units (although Texas has finally agreed to start processing the benefits) because of state constitutions and a disagreement over “federalism”.  There are real problems with veterans not married in states recognizing marriage.

There seem to be no tensions at all in the units being reported, despite all the predictions about "privacy" and "unit cohesion" made when the debate started in 1993.  There was, however, an odd issue with a hire of an ex-gay advocate at the Air Force Academy.
It sound like pouring ice water, but can the really astounding progress in the military issue since 2009 (which started slowly but whipped up late in 2010 with the repeal law, and the official recognition in September 2011) be undone if the Democratic Party tanks badly in 2014 and 2016 over the Obamacare rollout and actuarial fiasco?
Seriously, it (Obamacare) may indeed get better quickly on 2014, and prices for “the healthy” but underemployed may well come down if the insurance exchanges get their acts together.  But I do wonder if there is a real danger if the GOP winds up in full control in 2016.  It can be argued that the nation’s finances might be more stable since the partisan bickering that almost led to default would stop – but we can always have another 2008 or worse anyway, or another national security debacle as we did with Bush.
Christie will probably be very moderate on gay issues and not try to roll back military progress or on ENDA or marriage rights, for that matter.  He really does sound like someone who wants to govern and do the job.  I worry about some other potential candidates, though (Cruz). 
Last night, by the way, I just sat for a quiet evening of Karaoke at Freddie’s in Arlington.  Holiday weekend crowd was good there, but I don’t know how it would have been “in town”. 

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