Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obama appoints King, lesbian tennis star, to Olympic delegation, challenges Russian law publicly

President Obama has named Billie Jean King, the former tennis champion, to the official delegation to the US Olympics, putting Russia’s recent anti-gay “propaganda” law on the spotlight.  The San Francisco Chronicle has a typical story here. Obama mentioned gay athletes of great character, and included Brian Boitano, former figure-skating champion, who gets mentioned in the 1999 animated film of "South Park".  (So does "Big Gay Al"). 
The San Francisco story reports that even “gay tourists” could be arrested under the law, which might include people who have visible public blogs, like me.  Putin has promised that visitors to the Olympics will not be harassed.  What does that mean?
In other news, federal courts in both New Mexico and Utah have struck down anti gay-marriage bans, and in Utah there is a sudden rush for gay partners to marry before the decision can be stayed.  
I've covered the most recent developments about anti-gay laws in Uganda and India on my International blog today.  

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