Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Short film "Jonathan and Dwayne" depicts Uniformed Military March in San Diego after DADT repeal

“Jonathan & Dwayne: A Story About Love” is a ten minute short film on Vimeo about a military couple which proposed marriage at the San Diego Pride parade and who walked in uniform (one partner is in the Navy and is in whites) in the parade. The couple is Jonathan and Dwayne Beebie-Franqui.
The video was shot March 30, 2013 and is produced by Momentus Films, with Vimeo link here (not emebedable).
The short film is important because until the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” servicemembers couldn’t march in gay parades in uniforms.
Yahoo has an account of the Uniformed Military March (July 21, 2012)  here and Politico has a similar story here.

The 1993 “don’t ask don’t tell” law had actually mentioned gay marriage as creating a presumption of homosexual conduct, even though no state recognized it at the time. 
Picture: University Drive in San Diego, my picture, May 2012.  

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