Monday, January 20, 2014

Nigeria, Uganda, Russia: anti-gay stories move quickly; is sylum, and refugee sponsorhip or housing an issue in the the cards?

There is rapid change and trans formation in the anti-gay rhetoric from at least three countries.

There are reports that the Ugandan president will veto the recent anti-gay bill because of recent pressure regarding “Fascist” legislation.

But in Nigeria, arrests of gays have occurred quickly, and thw LGBT community center in Lagos is now empty and closed.

Not since the Third Reich has it been a crime anywhere to associate with known homosexuals. The suddenness of the backlash in Nigeria is shocking.  The law even seems to confuse social assembly with civil union or marriage since it has been called an “anti-gay marriage law”.  During the AIDS panic of the 1980s, there was concern that the far right could push for such laws in the US (as in Texas) and one rather draconian bill was proposed but not enacted.  The State Department writes that Nigeria defines a "civil union" as any cohabitation where sexual relations occur.
I’m waiting for a link to an article by someone in Nigeria discussing the developments.
From Russia, Vladimir Putin told George Stehphanopoulos  that political protests would not be regarded as “propaganda” under the new law.  But then he told other reporters that homosexuality was a problem that could slow Russia’s finally thawing birth rate, and should be “cleaned up”.  An he still conflates homosexuality with pedophila.

It will be important to follow amnesty requests from these countries.  There could develop an issue of a need to find hosts and sponsors for "refugees", as happened with the Cuban refugees in 1980.

On another matter:  in Hell’s Kitchen, the “Therapy” really hops.  There is no cover, and a line forms to get in.  The bartenders seem to have tattoos and total shaves, but the guests are actually rather preppy and “conservative”, at least in winter.

Stonewall Inn does a nice drag show on Sunday nights.

Update: Jan. 31

A blogger named Blacky wrote on a post on a Wordpress blog called Wpolitika, "Modernity without a future?", where we could be heading, with a note, that almost seems quoted from me, that if you'd rather be a writer than raise kids, you'd better wonder if people will be around tomorrow to read what you wrote, here. What happens if you don't personally like the people you write for?

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