Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"The Town" is packed for New Years; Fox commentator seems to take libertarian stance on marriage issue

The New Year’s Eve Party at Town DC was as packed as I have ever seen it.  Lena wore a lavender outfit this time, quite flashy.  The show was over by 11 PM so both levels were packed for the hour leading up to New Years.  The upstairs was decorated with wintry stuff, not exactly what you would find at Burj Dubai.
I’ve noticed a lot of condo and office construction in the blocks around the Town and the 930 Club.  I hope a regular commercial parking garage, 24 hours, is in the plans. 

The Washington Blade reports that the DC Eagle must leave its location on New York Avenue after 25 years there, and has applied for a full license for a property on Benning Road, NE, near I-295 and the Minnesota Ave. Orange Line stop.  The story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr. is here.  The story is shown on the Eagle’s own site .  I have not been there much, so I have never seen the barber chair used. I can only imagine what can happen. 

In Washington  DC, “NE” is viewed as the dangerous part of town.  But, just like U Street, much of Northeast is becoming gentrified, as along H Street with the new trolley line, with new condos.  The result, as with the area around Nationals Park (where Tracks and then Velvet Nation used to live, as well as the Wet, and even the Lost and Found a long time ago) is that people with more money move in and drive the poor people out, toward PG County, leaving a lot of tension in the area.  That’s true of some of SE and Anacostia, where DC Shorts Film Festival had a venue.  The area looks much better than it used to, but it has a reputation in the media as dangerous.

I thought I would pass on this op-ed on Fox News by Keith Ablow, “Marriage Died in 2013”, link here.  Actually, the piece is rather libertarian, like Gene Cisewski’s “License Expired” in 1996 on GLIL’s newsletter “The Quill”.  Government has no place in defining consenting adult  people’s intimate relationships, he concludes.

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