Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ABC News reports on vigilante attacks against Russia's largest gay club

ABC News is reporting vigilante attacks on Russia’s and Moscow’s largest gay nightclub, the Central Station. 
The News report, which will be amplified tonight on ABC Nightline, (with Terry Moran) came out a few days after many US viewers had watched a documentary about anti-gay vigilantism in Russia, since the anti-gay propaganda law was passed in June. The report is here. A small attack on a club in Seattle Jan. 1 was reported here last week. 
The film ("Dispatches: The Hunted"), by  Liz MacKean and Ben Steele, was produced for Britain’s Channel 4, runs 45 minutes, and was taken down after being up three days and attracting 50,000 views. My review appears on my TV blog, Sunday, Feb. 9.
In Russia, people have come to connect homosexuality with pedophilia, despite all the responsible science to the contrary.   Everything seems controlled by propaganda, and there seems to be little ability for independent thought on social issues. People feel emboldened to attack by the law, which denies LGBT people a chance to speak out, and Putin's government seems to look the other way, as if encouraging it. 

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