Friday, February 21, 2014

Arizona passes "religious freedom" law for private businesses; Brewer vetoes

Arizona has passed a law allowing private businesses to deny service to anyone when providing service violates personal religious beliefs. It was sarcastically called the "Turn Gays Away" law. 
Governor Jan Brewer has not decided on whether to sign the legislation, and she says it would take until February 28 for her to decide.
Gay rights supporters are in uproar since Arizona has no ENDA-like laws.
ABC News has a story here.
On AC360, Anderson Cooper asked an Arizona legislator whether the bill would allow a loan officer to refuse a loan to an unwed mother because of personal beliefs. The legislator said absolutely not.  A photographer could refuse to work a gay couple’s wedding because he would be “part of the celebration” but could not refuse to work a news story as a journalist.  But an NYU law professor said that what constitutes a burden would be decided by courts on a casewise basis, inviting a flood of litigation. CNN’s video link is here.
Wikipedia attribution link for Arizona map. 

Update: Feb. 26

Republican governor of Arizona Jan Brewer has just vetoed the law (8:15 PM EST), CNN story here.

Brewer gave a press conference Wednesday evening.

Arizona does not have a law protecting gays from discrimination with a "protected class" concept.  

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