Thursday, February 27, 2014

Texas gay marriage ban struck down by federal judge in San Antonio; elderly gay male couple in Dallas to marry

The Dallas Morning news reports plans for a wedding of a male couple together for 53 years. Jack Evans and George Harris, at the Northaven United Methodist Church (in Dallas), link here.    It’s on Preston Road, near the Dallas North Tollway in the “North Dallas” part of town, just below LBJ.
In San Antonio on Wednesday, a federal judge Orlando Garcia struck down Texas’s ban on gay marriage, saying it does not serve a legitimate purpose.  However the resulting order is stayed for appeal, so the wedding above can’t be official yet in Texas.  The CNN story is here.  Texas was the defendant in the 2003 decision overturning 21.06, its sodomy law;  in 1983, as the AIDS crisis began, right wing demagogues tried to pass one of the most draconian anti-gay laws in the nation ever, but it never got out of committee.  In 1979-1980, the Dallas Gay Alliance and defendants successfully stopped police harassment of gay bars (when I lived there).  In 1982, in Baker v. Wade, one of the first federal decisions striking down a sodomy law was released, although in 1985 the Fifth Circuit upheld the old 21.06.    
MSNBC has a copy of the opinion (De Leon, Dimetman, Holmes, Pharris v. Perry/Abbott  here.  

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