Sunday, February 02, 2014

Town DC hosts fundraiser, 70s-80s dance party

The Town Discotheque in Washington DC on Saturday, February 1 held a “surprise” fundraiser for educational services for disadvantaged LGBT youth.
So when I arrived around 10:20 PM the downstairs club was already packed. 
The lot was nearly full, but offered me valet parking, which I accepted.  I think that the U Street area needs a multi-level garage that is open 24x365, with payment by credit card and smartphone, and that the Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan areas (and Georgetown) need this capability.  I recall that it worked this way in West Hollywood in 2012, where there was no street parking at all.  I think the cost was a flat $10.  I’d like to see something like that in Washington set up by business owners. That’s partly because Metro is getting so erratic, with weekend shutdowns and delays.
There’s a lot of real estate development going on nearby to U Street, so I hope a public garage is one of the projects. 
The upstairs offered 70s and 80s music until about 12:30 PM, until it switched back to “contemporary” noise.  The mood reminded me of the Village Station in Dallas (now Station 4) back in the 1980s.

The "Wild Night Out" signs did not stay up long enough for me. 

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