Sunday, March 02, 2014

"Purple" party at Arlington's Beach Bar for Mardi Gras; more on vulnerability, poverty and homophobia

I checked out the “Purple Party”, introducing Mardi Gras, at Freddie’s Beach Bar in south Arlington Saturday, to find out what that means.  The interior, with a lot of woodwork reminding one of a ship, was bathed in blue light from ceiling globes, and the karaoke stage used a gorgeous backdrop of a color that ranged from pink to blue to violet depending on light and viewing angle.  It looked otherworldly.
One bartender did karaoke, and I noticed that one entire arm was completely covered in dark tattoo, and this was real; it didn’t even look like a tattoo sleeve often worn by actors in Hollywood or sold as novelties in southern California.  To me, this seems like male desecration.  

A male couple later did several numbers.  

One female singer echoed the music of “Grease”.

To return to the "international news" for a moment:
There have been more reports about the gay baiting by politicians in poorer countries.  The president of Uganda has been quoted as saying there is something inherently wrong with men who aren’t interested in women – as if a concern over men not interested in having children (as in Russia) and then he turns around and says that gays are heterosexual mercenaries.  It seems that a key common element of all this attitude is the vulnerable lives that people lead in poorer countries, and the same with poor people (often racial minorities) in the US and west.  Vulnerability denies people the ability to choose intimate partners on their own terms and forces intimacy on them, making them believe others are scoping them.  There's no question that these concerns feed into national or homeland security, terrorism and even the "doomsday prepper" mentality.  

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