Friday, April 11, 2014

10th Circuit hears oral arguments on Utah's gay marriage ban

There are reports that the 3-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit is leaning toward the plaintiffs, 2-1, after oral arguments in the challenge to Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage in the heavily Mormon state, with a report in “the wire” here

ABCNews carries an AP story by Nicholas Riccardi here 
The state is said to have used a flawed study regarding the children of same-sex couples in defending its law.  Generally, the state is also arguing that the institution is set up to provide for the welfare of children, not to ratify romantic attachments among adults for their own sakes.
If there are differing opinions among the circuits, some state bans on recognition of gay marriage and even civil unions are likely to go before the Supreme Court, perhaps in 2015.

Wikipedia attribution link for Great Salt Lake, personal visits in 1966, 1981. 

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