Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Arlington VA Catholic gay music minister fired after he gets married in Maryland, and congregations quickly become divided on this

The Catholic Diocese in Arlington Va ordered the firing (or forced resignation) of Mike McMahon, music director at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Arlington, after the church learned he had married his partner in Maryland.

Religious employers used to a “don’t ask don’t tell” practice now find that learning of marriage, often in another state that recognizes it, provokes an unacceptable challenge to church authority and teaching.
The Washington Post story by Michelle Boorstein is here

But in practice, congregations seem divided about it.  Tradition religious theory says that “God” finds that accepting homosexuality will weaken the ability of heterosexuals to get and remain married when challenged with difficult circumstances.   It’s the idea, “I can deal with if I know everyone else has to.” Yet even in conservative congregations, few families would actually admit that knowledge of gay marriages even among church officials would weaken their own marriages or relationships with their own kids. 

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