Saturday, April 12, 2014

New proposals to soak the childless obviously affects LGBT people

Here’s an attention getting article from Slate which a friend tweeted today while I spent disposable income at Angelika Mosaic, “Tax the Childless: We should slash taxes on parents by jacking them up for non-parents”,  by Reiham Salam, link here

The article does some numbers regarding the deficits and debt, and claims that such a measure would make working parents a more effective voting block.  The details thereof would make another post someday. The article analyzes a tax proposal by Tea Party Republican Mike Lee.

There’s a juicy quote about how “my childless friends grow crankier and more decrepit.”  Of course, she talks about the “disposable income” argument. 

There were some books about this ten years ago:  Elinor Burkett’s “The Baby Boon: How Family Friendly America Cheats the Childless” (March 28, 2006 on the Books blog), where the author admits that the deliberately childless cheat the system; then Phillip Longman’s “The Empty Cradle” (same date) and Allan Carlson and Paul Mero, “The Natural Family” (Sept. 2009).  Remember, Mussolini taxes bachelors.

Of course, the hooker is how this would affect LGBT people.  No doubt, it makes gay marriage and the rules for gay parents (and adoption) critical.  But is also raises existential questions about the way we view ourselves as individuals able to share goals together and make sacrifices, sometimes deep ones, sometimes.  Outlining the “logic” of all this is not simple, as I struggled with it in my recent “Do Ask, Do Tell III” book.
Don Lemon in CNN often reminds us he is a non-parent.
One of the psychological problems has to do with being forced to make sacrifices for other people’s choices, specifically, other people’s sexual passions.  

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