Monday, April 21, 2014

"Safe Passage Fund" set up for gay activists in hostile countries; refugees in Kenya with major conference planned; Moscow's Central Station closes;

The Advocate and the HRC report the formation of a “Safe Passage Fund” for endangered LGBTQ activists in hostile countries, at least Uganda (probably Nigeria and several other African countries; Russia is unclear).  The link is here.  It would be important to see if this can be set up directly through a bank automated deposit program such as what some estates and trusts use.  There would be a question as to whether this is just about money or also about sponsors (with the short lived Cuban refugee crisis in 1980 as it played out in the gay community in Dallas).  It seems that most of the attempted safe harbor emigration is likely to be to Canada.
The Advocate has a chilling story of “violent homophobia in Uganda” by Sundye Brydum, where witch-hunts of various kind seems to have increased immediately after signing the new anti-homosexuality law, here
HRC has a report today (April 21) of an upcoming Pan Africa IGLA Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, link here.  The article reports that refugees are leaving Uganda for neighboring Kenya, and that the political climate (and fear of terrorism) could lead to passing similar laws in Kenya.

“Pink News” in London reports (March 17) that the Central Station in Moscow closed as a result of repeated and uncontrollable vigilante attacks, story here.  
Countries with lower standards of living are certainly turning on western ideas of LGBT individualism, let alone equality. 

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