Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baltimore Pride: Day 2 is quiet

The second day of Baltimore Pride offered the same exhibits on Mount Royal as the first, but the crowd seemed smaller.

I tried both free T-dances around 5 PM (at the Hippo and at the Grand Central Station) and both dance floors were empty!  Maybe the filled up later Sunday evening.

But I did have a nice chat in the Grand Central with a male couple that had traveled to Japan and had enjoyed a 20-hour layover in Dubai.  They got to ride to the top of the 2400-foot Burj, and visited the artificial palm islands.  The place looked like another planet.  It was actually rather confining, even with all the opulence.  The culture was secular, but there were no gay bars as such;  but hotel bars were "known".   Even in moderate Turkey, bars are very hidden.

By the way, the club name "Grand Central Station" isn't quite the same as the name of the club "Central Station" in Moscow, the largest club that was forced to close by vigilantism after Russia passed its anti-gay propaganda law.

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