Sunday, June 08, 2014

Capital Pride Street Festival has several booths from intelligence, law enforcement agencies

Capital Pride Festival on Freedom Plaza today featured booths from several security government agencies: The CIA (which had been there last year, in 2013), the FBI, and the DIA.  I didn't see the NSA.

The CIA passed out literature explaining its scholarship program. In practice, most of the the positions are more likely to lead to analytic work, or technology deployment, as opposed to conventional spying overseas. One of the larger pamphlets was titled "Can a college student derail terrorism"?  Yes, that sounds like the logline for a movie.
The CIA also has a pamphlet that answers the general questions "Does the CIA hire gay, lesbian and bisexual persons", where it mentions Executive Orders 11478 and 13097, from the Clinton years, and also answers "If I'm not 'out' to my family and friends, does this make me a security risk?" and the answer startts out by saying, not being out will not necessarily preclude you from holding a security clearance.

The Intelligence Community Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Allies (IC LGBTA) Affinity Group included a pamphlet, "Best Practices for the Managers and Colleagues of Transgender Employees."

Also, the Barker Foundation had an unmanned booth,on Older Child Domestic Adoption. The group, in Bethesda, MD, has a "Project Wait No Longer; 'Permanency for Foster Youth'".  But the qualification process is very long and expensive.

There was also a booth announcing a future LGBT museum. 

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