Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Methodist minister reinstated after marrying his son in gay ceremony; Utah and Indiana make news with court rulings striking down bans

A Methodist minister, Frank Schaefer, in Lebanon PA, has been reinstated by a nine-member church appeals board, after being expelled for performing his son’s same-sex wedding, with NPR story by Scott Neuman here, and cnn here. But this story may seem eclipsed by a federal appeals court’s striking down Utah’s (Mormon) voter approved gay marriage ban (New York Times story), immediately stayed, and also a federal judge in Indianapolis striking down Indiana’s gay marriage ban (ABC story here). Remember the song "Indiana Wants Me"? 

The text of the ruling from the Tenth Circuit is here.    The Court said that idea that recognizing gay marriage would undermine traditional marriage was totally "illogical".
The gay marriage rulings at the state level are pouring down now, like a cold front clearing the air.  Maybe the appeals keep the front “stationary”.  It’s impossible to keep up with them.

My own personal experience is that two Presbyterian churches close to me here in north Arlington are more liberal on this issue (quite liberal) than the Methodist church. 

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