Saturday, June 21, 2014

Secretary of State Kerry says LGBT rights are human rights; Ugandan officials excluded; GOP Texas governor Perry chokes on immutability argument

US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that LGBT Rights are human rights, and vice versa, as in a Washington Blade story this weekend by Michael K. Lavers, here.  Kerry has been supportive of rights of partners in conjunction with immigration issues, and coincidentally OPM has announced that federal health insurance plans will no longer have a “transgender exclusion.”
Further, the Blade is reporting that the Obama administration is refusing some Ugandan officials the right to enter the US because if the recent anti-gay laws.  That doesn’t seem to apply to Nigeria, however, because Nigeria is facing terrorism from Boko Haram and the kidnapping of women.  Lesson: when you attack one group of people (LGBT) usually other bad things start to happen.  Look at Putin’s behavior with respect to the Ukraine.  Look at Russia’s role in cybercrime.  Look at terrorism in Kenya, next door to Uganda.
Kerry, however, just a few years ago, at least back in 2004 (with the election run against Bush) used to say “civil unions” rather than outright gay marriage.  Kerry has had to remain a politician of the times.
Texas Governor Richard Perry has attracted media attention, unfavorable, for his comparison of homosexuality to alcoholism (mixed in with the immutability argument), as in this story in SFGate here .  Of course, on one level his analogy or mixed metaphor is literally correct, but then he doesn’t say why he objects to other people’s homosexuality.  Political experts don’t think he can get very far for the 2016 GOP nomination. 

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