Friday, June 20, 2014

Should gay legal groups attack businesses in social media?

The Washington Blade has a curious story about the way Lambda Legal has apparently blasted a Washington DC bistro in Adams Morgan after a waiter there apparently wrote an anti-gay slur on a bill.  There’s a story by Bill Browning, “Why is Lambda Legal cyberbullying a small business?”, link here

Lambda Legal is on my own donation list, and I recently got a promotional mailing from them to become a preferred donor.  I do receive “pimping” mails from many groups;  I got a similar one from the Southern Poverty Law Center this week.  It’s difficult, in my situation right now, to “play favorites” with any one group (the way I did with SLDN, when “gays in the military” had become such a personal issue).  But I’ll say more about that soon on other blogs.  

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