Saturday, July 12, 2014

Finally, I visit "Bear Party" at Town again

Last night I tried the double event at Town DanceBoutique, the “DC Bear Crue” happy hour party (with free cover before 9:30), followed by  the regular Friday night party, which admits 18+ (but sometimes with higher cover) at 10 PM.  The upstairs is closed briefly to new visitors at 9:30 and reopens around 11 PM.
For the most part, the dance floor was filled with people in conversation, not much dancing, with some booths and items for sale, and some 80s and 90s music.  My Shaun White cap seemed to attract attention.
The regular drag show is a bit crowded still, because the coat area (which you don’t need in summer) was moved into the old rear seating area, and you can see construction for an outdoor patio outside.
The “appearance” of the crowd on the dance floor changes a bit, as one would expect, at 11 PM.  This time, there seemed to be more more  “under21” persons (including women) than I recall from the past.  There were a few cases that I recognize from around Arlington, various churches, and the GWU campus, that I often transit (partly because I go to the West End Cinema nearby a lot, and sometimes eat at Quigley’s -- and I am a GWU alumnus).  Since "the kids" aren't allowed to drink, they tend to use the dance floor even more enthusiastically.  
Again, we get to the debate:  if someone is old enough to serve in the military (especially post-DADT) isn't he or she old enough to drink and take full responsibility?  That's the libertarian position.  As as practical matter, the chance to attend bars or discos occasionally before age 21 for three years gives a college-age person a chance to ponder the possible consequences of alcohol abuse first.  But, as in the movie "Begin Again", "the kids" don't have their own money.  Unless they're like Zuckerberg,     


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