Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama signs XO regarding all employers receiving federal funds

President Obama has singed an Executive Order banning discrimination in employment in companies that receive any federal contracts, as well as federal contractors (and federal agencies), with USA story here.    It’s noteworthy that highly sensitive jobs were made open to openly gay civilians (like in the CIA) by Executive Order from President Clinton in 1995 and took effect at the beginning of 1996.  Intelligence and defense agencies frequently have booths at LGBT Pride events, especially in Washington. 

Yet, Todd Starnes has an article in Fox (where else?) claiming that the order undermines religious liberty (link).  Rick Warren, of the Saddleback Church, has a letter to the president on Scribd  Warren says that some persons in faith communities are motivated by religious identity, which may run contrary to individual equality and even complete autonomy for LGBT people, in order to serve those in need and therefore “the common good” (a common Santorum phrase).  The Senate version of ENDA has the religious exemption, which has undermined some LGBT support for it. 

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