Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Situation of LGBT people in Russia seems to deteriorate despite relatively few actual prosecutions under new law

The Washington Blade has published a detailed article explaining how the situation for LGBT people in Russia has continued to deteriorate after the Sochi Olympics, in a story by Michael K. Lavers, link here.
The article reports (and shows a photo of) a float for "RUSA LGBT" in the LGBT Parade in New York City June 29/  I did not see that particular float when I attended (but I did see a float for LGBT Palestinians).
The article discusses the likelihood that more LGBT people will seek asylum.  The artcile focuses on Masha Gessen, who relocated with her family to New York.   Vox Media has recently been discussion the ambiguities of the whole asylum situation (because of the influx of Central American children), a matter I'll take up again later,
Despite the law targeting speech accessible to minors, some gay organizations (and HIV services) seem to operate in Russia, and some attempts at demonstrations continue, risking much more from vigilantes than the authorities.  Relatively few people have been fined so far, but some teachers have been fired.  

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