Friday, July 04, 2014

Transgendered persons win up to two seats in state legislatures (who was the first?)

The Huffington Post had reported in November 2012 that Stacie Laughton had become the nation’s first transgendered legislator by winning a seat in the state House of Representatives, link here.   The same site now reports this possibility, June 12, for Lauren Scott, a Republican, in Nevada on June 12, 2014, link     The Washington Blade has a detailed story about Lauren Scott July 3 here.    


After the July 4 celebration on the Mall, I walked up to Eastern Market.  I found Remington's closed -- again a sign that when clubs lose leases, they are often unable to continue.  No one else (like Phase 1) in the area (including Barracks on 8th St SE) had tried to set up a 4th of July viewing party (to watch the fireworks in New York).  Since it's difficult to get anywhere else by Metro due to the crowds, this sounds like a business and customer service opportunity missed.  

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