Thursday, July 17, 2014

What's the scene like in Richmond, VA?

Although Baltimore MD has an interesting gay club and event scene (which sometimes reinforces the Maryland Film Festival in May as well as Pride in June), what about going the other direction, to Richmond. 110 miles to the south of DC, the capital of Virginia and unfortunately, in the past, of the Confederacy.

In fact, Equality Virginia says that Virginia Pride will occur there Sept. 27, 2014 on Browns Island.  I went to some Equality Virginia dinners in April of 2005 and 2006 (during the days of Marshall-Newman, as I almost got swept by a tornado on the way down once) and found it quieter.  For a state capital, much of the city looks a little run down when compared to other southern capitals, like Austin, Raleigh and Atlanta.  (Montgomery looks worse, though as did Jackson the last time I was there). 

Nevertheless, in 1997, I recall a big special disco event in late July in an arena in the “Bottoms” area just E of I-95.  The artsy area is Carytown, but the best area for clubs may now be the “flats” area in the valley.  (Sounds like Cleveland, doesn’t it.)  There are lots of quaint properties for rent and sale.

There was a club called “Mars” (like the planet) that seems to be replace by “25 Volt”.  Next door, there is a bizarre looking place called “Fall Our” (either like radiation, or like leaving formation in Army Basic Training).  It had a no photography sign, only the second time I have seen this.  A guy, heavily tattooed and smoking, seemed to be watching over it.  You get the picture. 

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