Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GOP judge hammers attorneys for Wisconsin and Indiana on their same-sex marriage bans in 7th Circuit

Judges on a 3-person panel in the 7th circuit hammered at lawyers for Wisconsin and Indiana in Chicago today, according to a big AP story by Michael Tarm, as they tried desperately to defend state bans on same-sex marriage based on arguments regarding "tradition" and procreation.

Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee, was the most vigorous, raising questions as to why the state bans differed from miscegenation laws of the past, and why the procreation argument would work for sterile couples.   The AP story link is here.   The Supreme Court will see appeals courts heavily favoring striking down bans on same-sex marriage, except maybe in the Sixth Circuit, next term.

While all this happens, the super couple Will and Sonny on "Days of our Lives" had its first big fight, while Sonny remains attentive to Will's daughter.  

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