Wednesday, September 03, 2014

East Coast gay beach resorts don't die after Labor Day

Well, with all the hot stormy weather and other destinations (like Harpers Ferry), I haven’t reached Rehoboth this “late summer” season yet.  But the Blade had a big story on the an event at the Convention Center, here.  Over the years, Rehoboth has had a lot of battles over clubs and noise, traffic, and parking.  It's not without problems.
In 1997, I stayed overnight at an Econo Lodge in Dover on a Saturday, and had to endure traffic jams on the coast highway to get down to a dance there July 4 weekend.  I’m not connected socially enough to get into some long term house rental, and it wouldn’t make sense in my own life.  
I’ve only been to Provincetown MA once, over Labor Day weekend in 1976, with a friend.  I was living in NYC then.   Provincetown is a chore to get to, unless you’re going to stay there a while, and are socially connected.  I recall visiting a T-dance at the Boatslip.  “T-dances” don’t seem to be as popular today.  I stayed that night with the friends at someone’s house in Duxbury, and then we went to Mount Washington for Labor Day itself. 
Same thing about Fire Island.  I never stayed over night.  But I went on weekend days on the LIRR many times.  You took a ferry to Fire Island Pines, and typically walked one mile to Cherry Grove. 
I can recall back in 1973, after “my second coming”, on a visit to New York City from New Jersey, going to the “West Side Discussion Group”, and there was a topic, “are gay results really gay?”  That was the early 1970s. 
Past experience is that Rehoboth is still pretty active on warm, dry days – even during the week – for a while after Labor Day, well into October.  Parking is easier at Ocean City than at Rehoboth nearly always, in my experience   There’s still time this year.  

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