Sunday, September 14, 2014

In Washington, Eagle still faces opposition to liquor license despite renovating new property, illustrating a troubling trend

The Washington Blade, in a story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr., is reporting that a shopping center near the new location of the DC Eagle is still trying to oppose its liquor license application, as time for its re-opening approaches.  The story is here. The bar’s owners paid a little under $1 million for the building and would hardly have made the purchase if they did not expect approval.  The article explains the very ambitious plans for the bar on Benning Road NE. The land could be valuable just as investment.  This is an area of town undergoing “gentrification” and rapid rise in real estate values, most of all centered on the new H Street NE corridor with the new streetcar line. 

Clubs in Washington DC often face difficulties in finding new properties where liquor licenses will be approved, if they lose existing leases.  Remingtons, the Country-western bar has not re-opened.  TownDC has been holding early evening parties for “Bears” and country western since the Eagle and Remingtons closed.  In general, liquor licenses have been more controversial in recent years as much of Washington has become much more “residential” with high-rent or high-priced apartments and townhouses.

I will try to visit the area in the daytime in the reasonably near future and form my own conclusions and report again.  Oh, it’s hard to make time.
I noticed that the midnight “Rocky Picture Horror Show” at Landmark E St on Saturday night rather makes it into a sort of “gay hour”.  There is no “gay bar” now (with the Eagle gone) as such in the immediate downtown area, even though the Blade has held events at Hard Rock before, and SLDN and HRC hold events at the nearby Convention Center.

The Nationals had a “night out” on June 17.  The Nats may well he headed for the World Series this year.  But it is pro football where the acceptance of an openly gay player (now trying with the Cowboys) has gotten the most attention.   

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