Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rehoboth stays active after Labor Day, with free parking

As for the old 1970s question, “are gay resorts really gay?”, I can certainly say that they can stay busy after Labor Day.

At Rehoboth Beach, DE, free street parking started Monday (after the first two weekends in September), and on a Wednesday (a warm clear day with low humidity) the town was packed.  The lunch places were busy too, as most places were celebrating he idea that both the Nationals and Orioles had clinched titles last night, within an hour of one another. 

You can actually park near the Queen Street beach now, but it had only a smaller gathering of people. 

You can see the Convention Center, which has held big dances before, the shopping arcade (where Lambda Rising used to live), and even the old location of MCC within a couple of blocks.  There is a volunteer fire department, a touch a small town America and a throwback to older days of gender roles.

Saw someone I recognized biking on the new Fenwick Bridge on Route 1.  
On the way back, I found an Annie's restaurant on Kent Island.  There is an Annie's in Washington on 17th St, near JR's.

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