Wednesday, October 29, 2014

High Heels Race in Washington DC (17th Annual) is packed!

The gay community and tavern guild in Washington DC held the 17th Annual High Heels Race on 17th Street, between Q and T St. NW.
As with last year, the public was not allowed to cross 17th Street without going to one end or the other of the route – that is, except for people in drag (and they had to register at one of the clubs).  This is like “The Rocky Picture Horror Show” (which I saw on stage once in Minneapolis), in that you are “forced” to go into drag!

The “parade” lasted two hours but consisted mostly of drag queens running around on the space.  The only place where you could get dinner quickly was the MacDonalds, which was full but served us very efficiently.  The Subway shop ran out of bread, and Annie’s and the Trio, among others, were packed full, just as in pride. 

The race started promptly at 9 PM, and lasted about 45 seconds.  The parade that followed out of the area below Q Street (about at the location of the new Drake Apartments behind the First Baptist Church) was rather long.


WJLA was present.  The weather was warm (in the 70s) and dry. 

Effectively, this is a small Halloween week pride event.

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