Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sexual harassment scandal with Gay Republican candidate in Sam Diego spills over into other areas

Some unfortunate behavior and a bitter dispute is driving down the reputation of Gay Republicans – and Log Cabin has been around for years.
The candidate Carl DeMaio, openly gay GOP congressional candidate from San Diego, and former city council member, has been accused of sexual harassment by a campaign staffer, Todd Bosnich, according to a CNN news story by Chris Frates and Scott Zamost, link here

 Todd’s story becomes a bit lurid, and leads to a burglary of the campaign office, which Todd denies any connection with and which San Diego Police Department is so far silent on.

Other sources at the campaign say that Bosnich had plagiarized to produce campaign materials (San Diego source ) by taking material from the National Journal. 
It's all a shame.  The GOP could use some strong GLBT candidates who might bring understanding on social issues and perhaps some sensible moderation in issues like health insurance, national debt, immigration, and foreign and military policy. 
There's a very tangential story about a high school in New Jersey which cancelled its football season after some senior football players were reported assaulting freshmen as part of a hazing or initiation ritual.  The attacks, while sexual, were not about relationships or pleasure, but about establishing domination and social control.   Prosecutions might be possible.  Update:  CNN reports arrests of several of the high school students here.  
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of San Diego from Navy fighter. My last visits were in May 2012 and in Feb. 2002.  Second picture is the "bar" area on University Blvd, 2012 visit.  

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