Sunday, October 12, 2014

Washington Blade holds 45th Anniversary Party, announces Foundation, recalls first issue, which had dealt even with blackmail

The Washington Blade held its 45th Anniversary party last Thursday Oct. 9 in Washington DC, on 14th Street, to found a Washington Blade Foundation for research on LGBT history and journalism.  The Facebook announcement was here , and a story about the new foundation is here
I was not able to attend because I had pre-purchased Kennedy Center tickets that day.

The print issue of the Blade featured a photocopy of the one page original issue of “The Gay Blade” in October 1969 (while I was in the Army at Ft. Eustis, and sometimes called a “blade” myself).  There was a story asking men to give blood in benefit to Mattachine, and a warning that police were recording license plates of cars parked near gay bars in Washington.  There was advice to call Frank Kameny on issues like blackmail, security clearances, and the military draft.  David Mixner’s book “Stranger Among Friends” had detailed an account where Mixner was “set up” by the FBI back in 1969. 

The Blade went through restructuring in 2009 and 2010 after its parent company, Windows Media, ceased operating.  It first called itself “DC Agenda” until it got back the legal right to use the “Washington Blade” trademark.  

Today, at Mount Olivet Methodist Church in Arlington VA, rev. Ed Walker mentioned the issue of gay equality as an example where moral progress in society depends on a lot more than “the greatest good for the greatest number”.  The church has not been quite as progressive on gay issues as some others until more recently.  
Vox has a story and a map showing in which states getting a same-sex marriage license (a matter of public record) technically can get someone fires, here

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