Sunday, November 09, 2014

New patio for Town on U-Street; Nellies reminds us of the old Washington Senators baseball team, long before our first-place Nats; and why take "Disco naps"?

Just a lighter note, after all the super-serious stories lately.  After seeing a gay film at Landmark ("The Way He Looks", to be reviewed tomorrow), I visited the new outdoor patio bar at the Town Danceboutique in Washington tonight, which has limited hours until spring.  Some natural gas lava heaters keep things comfortable, but this evening (after a movie) it was about 60 degrees with no wind.  That’s going to change soon as a typhoon becomes a polar vortex before Thanksgiving.
I also tied a burger at Nellie’s, only to notice that this was the Redskins’s bye week, which they need.  In the men’s room, there is a curious sketch of old Griffith Stadium, which used to house the Washington Senators baseball team through 1960, and one season of “the new Senators” after expansion in 1961 (with the beer garden gone, making left field the longest in the majors).  I grew up on the old Senators during the worst years of the 1950s, which were also the worst years of Eisenhower-era purges of gays from government (including Frank Kameny in 1957), but I was too young to get that then.

It’s always good to be reminded of history. 

Today, I also attended MCC NoVa in Fairfax, and heard a humorous sermon, "Disco Naps".  People actually take early evening naps so they can dance until 3 AM?  I wish the dancing would start earlier.   

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