Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Will GOP hitless blowout hurt LGBT people? Maybe not as much as weak presidential leadership recently could; overseas problems really matter

What will the effect of the Republican cakewalk in the midterm elections be for LGBT issues?  Kevin Naff, of the Washington Blade, has a piece “So much for that post-gay world?” here .
While Naff parodies the silly-looking unsuccessful runs of some gay politicians (including Republicans, who had a real scandal in San Diego), he notes that gay issues (or anti-gay rhetoric) weren’t on voters’ minds, or their politicians.  HRC is tweeting out rather silly threats by Cruz to try another anti-gay marriage amendment (which would be much narrower than Santorum’s 2004 attempt), the main concerns seem to be stalling on ENDA bills and on trans rights (especially the military).  
Could there be a real backtrack on the progress on marriage so far?  Not real likely, as the courts seem sympathetic, and most appellate opinions have gone “our” way, emphasizing rationality.
Could there be an unraveling of the end of “don’t ask don’t tell”?  That sounds like pouring cold water now.  The Pentagon seems quite happy with the repeal, and can compartmentalize any usual incidents (like Manning). 
Naff mentions plans on the far right for an anti-gay-marriage march.  Again, that seems so silly.  A "straight slate" that is so concerned about others having the same benefits is betraying fears of inability to "get it up" in their own marriages, if the "meaning" of marriage is diluted to take out physical complimentarity.  Meaning matters.  

I’m reminded of election night in 1980, when it was clear early that Reagan had won, and I went to see a performance of Puccin’s “Turandot” at the Dallas opera.  I'm also reminded of a conversation two decades ago when someone from Log Cabin asked me if I would hold a fundraiser for them in "my home" when they had no idea of my circumstances.  
I also recall a Blade piece by Chris Crain in early 2004, "Piddle Twiddle and Resolve".  

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