Thursday, December 25, 2014

DC is getting pricey for most LGBT residents, except the most politically connected

Mark Lee has a perspective in the Washington Blade, “D.C. Doesn’t Shine for Everyone”, here mainly because of the rapid rise in the cost of living. 

Rents in the best areas are a bit like Manhattan.  The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC built an apartment building, the Drake, on 17th St, on its former parking lot – to pay for its new organ.  The apartments are cute in the way they are laid out, and have all modern amenities, and the building is very secure.  But a one bedroom, maybe 700 sq feet, is about $3000 a month.  In Arlington, you can rent a house typically for about $2500.  It’s common for younger professionals to rent a house with three or four roommates together. 

The gentrification of the U Street area, and the Navy Yard near Nationals Park, has driven up prices, and driven out low income people, leaving tensions and some street crime in many areas.  Northeast is next for re-development.  Condos are going up along New York Avenue, and around the area where the Eagle has moved.  The city could try to get the Olympics in 2024;  imagine what that means. 
Other cities:  places that don’t recognized gay marriage generally are much cheaper.  That should tell you something. 

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