Monday, December 01, 2014

World AIDS Day 2014

Vox Media honors World AIDS Day 2014 (theme) with an interesting perspective, that while HIV/AIDS deaths are declining worldwide, they are on the rise in Russia, story by German Lopez, here  One big reason, Russia is “notoriously anti-gay”.
I can recall, around 1984, the prognosis, that the number of cases doubled every six months.  A geometric progression in an epidemic like this couldn’t be tolerated very long.  That leveled off in the late 1980s and eventually declined.  And now many relatively affluent people do live (and go to work)for decades on medications, which gradually for most men have come to have fewer side effects, although they are expensive.  You don’t hear much discussion about the cost of protease inhibitors in the debate over Obamacare.
My own sense is that among younger men (under 30) whom I do know or recognize, most are still uninfected.
Vox has been reporting that the FDA may be close to lifting the blood donor ban, for men that will stop having sex, that is.

CNN offers a perspective by Barbara Lee and Kenneth Cole, with a little pitch by Prince Harry, here. 
And there may be more on a new vaccine soon. 

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