Friday, January 09, 2015

Fifth Circuit sounds likely to support gay marriage; no word yet from Supreme Court on whether to make a national decision in 2015

The Washington Blade (Chris Johnson) reports that the 5th Circuit in New Orleans is likely to vote 2-1 against state gay marriage bans in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  A critical argument seems to be that states often extend what are already federal benefits, rather than just invent benefits on their own.  
The Blade also reports comments by GOP presidential hopeful Marc Rubio (FL) that federal courts shouldn’t have jurisdiction over state gay marriage cases.
“Freedom To Marry” has a very detailed account of how the arguments in New Orleans went today, here. The site has details and photographs of individual cases in each of the three states.
The Supreme Court has not yet announced any decision to hear gay marriage cases (like from the Sixth Circuit), although it could make an announcement next week, link here

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