Thursday, January 15, 2015

Funeral service for lesbian in marital relationship suddenly cancelled by church venue in Colorado

A funeral service in Lakewood CO of a lesbian (Vanessa Collier) was cancelled right before the beginning when the venue, New Hope Ministries, objected to a video containing images of Collier’s kissing her wife. WJLA-7 in Washington carried the news story here
The idea of disrupting a funeral (like the Westboro Baptist Church) or cancelling one over the political of social interpretation of someone’s life is particularly disturbing, but it does happen.  I have wondered how someone’s life should be remembered publicly if the end is somehow unusually ugly because of a political agenda or grievance and the person was somehow problematic in the eyes of some. 
Wikipedia attribution link for USAFA image in Colorado Springs;  I visited the grounds in 1973.  

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