Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nigerian anti-gay law leads to arrests of people for attending "gay" events

In a northern city in Nigeria, Kano, up to twelve people were arrested for attending a supposed same-sex marriage ceremony, according to a Nigerian news source that called the story “Caught in the act”, link here.
That is, merely attending the ceremony could lead to arrest.  The story also says that the “Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act” signed by Goodluck Jonathan, actually prohibits gay bars and homosexual organizations as well 
The person holding the gathering  claimed that this was a “birthday party”.  Was this raid the result of the country’s law, or because of Shariah law in the North?   The brutal raids of Boko Haram would not be too far away.
I have run into people from Nigeria in church services in the DC area, often brightly dressed.  While they are aware of the horrific attacks in the north by BH, and indicate that these don’t get enough attention when compared to ISIS, they generally have little or no awareness of the anti-gay laws.

This sort of thing has to be a problem for companies or charities needing to place people overseas in developing countries with very conservative social norms.
Curiously, in the 1980s, Nigeria had been the site of several churches in the UFMCC.  

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