Thursday, January 22, 2015

Russia did enforce anti-gay propaganda law on Crimea, presumably would do so in any territory Putin annexes

Although not widely reported in the main media, The Advocate reported in May 2014 that, after Russia annexed Crimea, taking it by force from Ukraine, Russia imposed its “anti-gay propaganda law” on the population in the province, story by Daniel Reynolds, link here.
Authorities canceled a gay pride parade in Sevastapol and apparently closed gay bars in the area.
I don’t see the Adovcate on newsstands the way I used to, in print.  It had a little feature “20 celebrities that aged horribly.” 
It's pretty horrible to lose your rights because of a foreign conquest based on "ethnic nationalism". (Ukraine had not exactly been like the Netherlands.)  But look at the 1930s.  
Picture:  near HQ of Breaking Glass Pictures and TLA  (downtown Philadelphia) which release a lot of LGBT indie films. 

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